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Lenten Letter
By J. M. Gilheany

Veg4Lent: Letter to regional (local) animal rights groups

Dear ______

There are several initiatives each year which seek to increase the demographic status of vegetarianism, amongst them the Veg4Lent campaign.

In its seventh year, Veg4Lent has been steadily presenting the issues and imperatives of contemporary ethical vegetarianism to the Christian clergy, hierarchy and press. As you can see from a visit to our website, the response has been mixed and basically evasive, although the concept itself has seen acceptance and progressive debate, through various 'letters to the editor' - forums.

The average churchgoer and 'nominal Christian' however remain our priorities and the enclosed flyer, the main means for reaching them. As there are countless 'peace/love/justice' - orientated groups amongst the Christian laity, our current concern is ensuring that as many as possible receive the case for mercy towards animals, otherwise condemned to the abattoir.

To a large extent this form of campaigning currently requires mailing envelopes, although Church foyer exhibitions have also proved successful, where tolerated (!)

If there are any Christian members within your group, who would be interested in becoming involved with Veg4Lent - 2004, would they please contact the above address or send an e-mail to:

Yours for the animals,


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