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Lenten Letter
By J. M. Gilheany

Veg4Lent: 2003 Press Statement

In the course of promoting this years "Veg4Lent" initiative, an exploratory dialogue has been undertaken with the Church hierarchy of the U.K.

Please find enclosed copies of (Catholic) correspondence received to date, a standard letter to clergy & flyer, as well as a chart of the Catholic Dioceses which will have received them.

Veg4Lent 2003 is a concept aimed primarily towards the average member of the laity, as an introduction to theologically based vegetarianism. Indeed, the Penitential Season is an ideal time to reflect, on the countless innocent lives, which are so often sacrificed to temporal habit. It is not our aim, however, to vilify fellow Christians, in the course of manifesting concern for those condemned to the slaughterhouse. It is also likely that few of the clergy, mailed, will have afforded their parishioners an opportunity to appraise the insights conveyed through the flyer, for themselves. The "Veg4Lent" campaign is nevertheless a very simple idea, which will hopefully recur in other ways with each year.

As you will find, the majority of episcopal responses were respectful and kindly, if somewhat evasive and non-supportive. Any increase in mutual respect and awareness will, at least, entail a relatively positive result, at this point in time.

As a Catholic member of our admittedly small team, you may wish to clarify the above or enclosed with me on: _________

All best wishes,


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