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'Methodist Recorder' debate (1996) Letters

Unknown dangers of genetic engineering

I am pleased that the article "Animal Cloning Dangers" (Recorder, March 21) expressed Christian worries about animal cloning.

I am concerned about the unknown dangers of genetic engineering. For instance, genetically engineered scorpion viruses have been released into the British countryside as an experiment to find out what happens to them. We have become aware too late of past mistakes in British farming such as the excessive use of pesticides and the feeding of dead sheep to cows.

We don't know what the effect will be of mixing human and animal genes. The Conference of European Churches has called for churches to approach members of the European Parliament asking them to guarantee that food labeling will state when a product, or any ingredients that it contains, has been genetically modified.

This is the only way to give the consumer choice and so that those with religious or ethical objections can choose not to eat such a product.

The Conference of European Churches can be contacted at...

A. Wells (25/4/96)

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