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'Methodist Recorder' debate (1996) Letters

Animal exports

The Rev Gordon Newton and his wife Elaine should be more concerned with saving souls than protesting against live exports at Dover. Yes, we care about our sheep and calves, and if the conditions referred to were the norm we would be very concerned.

Bristol University has done extensive research into the traveling of animals and has found that young calves travel extremely well, and sheep show no stress at sea. Could I point out that veal crates are being phased out on the continent, and that 58 per cent of the calves would be reared in batches and not in the crates as shown on TV. To produce milk, dairy cows must calve, they bring forth heifer calves for rearing as future cows. The bull calves can be fed for veal; the alternative, which is now beginning, is to kill all male Friesian calves under two weeks of age. What a waste of food, Mr. Newton. What about people who are starving?

As a circuit we have sent two cows out to Uganda. They have produced calves and now the milk feeds the villagers, who are very grateful to us. This will come to an end if live exports are not resumed - not very helpful to starving people.

Yes, I agree we must always try to alleviate suffering, be it humans or animals, but I urge you to get your facts straight before joining the bandwagon.

Mrs. D. Manning (2/5/96)

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