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'Methodist Recorder' debate (1996) Letters

Live export of calves

I think it is Mrs. Manning (Recorder, May 2) who needs to get her facts straight concerning the issue of live exports. Of course we realize that to produce milk dairy cows must calve but the point at issue is that these calves should not be exported "on the hoof" but "on the hook". Has she not seen the films of the horrendous journeys these baby calves, who have been taken from their mothers barely a few weeks old, face? Sending cows to Uganda for a specific purpose has nothing to do with the protests which are purely about animals being exported abroad just for slaughter. Maybe Mrs. Manning should make it her business to find out from Compassion in World Farming the barbaric methods used in some of the abattoirs.

As to her point that the Rev Gordon Newton and his wife (God bless them both) should be more concerned with saving souls, it's lives lived with compassion, caring and in the spirit of Jesus that saves souls and Gordon Newton and his wife have these qualities in abundance.

Mrs Sylvia Baker (16/5/96)

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