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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 03


  • Anthony Marr talked about the tiger being within 10-15 years of extinction in the wild, and the need to help save not only it, but everything in the environment. It is easier for larger animals to become extinct, because they require more land, and when that is taken away from them, they begin to die down in numbers.
  • The second largest illegal trade (next to drugs) is the endangered animal parts trade. Tiger bones were used in the east for medicinal purposes, and their skins are very valuable as well. He mentioned "one bullet, three tigers," giving an example of how killing one tiger can also inadvertently cause the death of others such as her children.
  • Activism is the key to solving the problem. He has gone to help people in India find other sources of fuel, instead of using wood, which causes deforestation, which in turn hurts the tigers. He taught them how to make solar cookers, and how to use cow dung to make methane for fuel. He was also involved in educating children, and helping distribute medicine.


I really enjoyed Anthony Marrís presentation; it was very informational.

I never knew deforestation was such a large problem, and it was stunning to see how much the numbers of the different species of tigers have diminished over the years. He talked about one problem (extinction of tigers) and tied it in with other problems as well like deforestation, because in order to save the tigers, you have to save their habitat. I really like the fact that he didnít just talk about the problem, but offered and was actually involved with carrying out some solutions to the problems. And also, the fact that they didnít just try to take products from the U.S. to the people of India but taught them how to use the resources they had to make things like methane and solar cookers themselves.

Although he did provide a great deal of useful information, I think he could have focused more on other issues as well as the tiger problem. He mentioned a bit about animal rights, and being a vegan, and he also mentioned being involved with the anti-whaling issue, and the seal murdering issue. I would have liked to have heard a little more on these issues. Overall, I really enjoyed the presentation, and I learned a lot of things I was not aware of before.

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