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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 14


  • One of his main points was people want to know why donít you just breed them in zoos and release them in the wild. Even though it is a lot easier to breed tigers in captivity, releasing them in the wild is not such an easy thing. His reasons were that captive tigers donít know how to hunt, they donít know how to raise their babies and they have no wild instinct. He believes we need to help save the ones that are in the wild now.
  • The tiger population is going increasingly down and there is only 5 subspecies of tigers left in the world. Poachers and destroying of the habitat is the main reason these animals are endangered. Hunters will kill a tiger and then sell its fur and bones for money. In this case the tiger might be a female and probably has cubs, so when they kill the mom theyíre killing the babies too because they will eventually starve or get eaten.
  • Anthony Marr made clear he was "counting on the younger generation to help out." With everyone pitching in to save the tigers and other endangered species, it could really make a difference and save these creatures. Also going on mission to places like India to help the tiger population and the Indian people.


Anthony Marrís presentation was definitely the best and most interesting presentation. First because I love animals and I want to learn how I can help save the endangered species of the world. I like the slideshow and how when he spoke it followed along with what he was saying. He went into detail about how he is personally helping the tigers and also helping the Indian people. His personality also made his presentation between because he had a good sense of humor and kept the class listening. I like the fact that he is very passionate about saving endangered species and he has dedicated his whole life to it and travels around the world. I agree that the younger generation needs to step up and save these creatures and like he said "life will be less worth living without these beautiful creatures."

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