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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 18


When I walked into class yesterday, I immediately didnít like the idea of so many peopled gathered around a man talking about tigers. It was not until Anthony Marr from the HOPE organization started to make me feel his passion for the endangered species that I began to be interested. Some of his main points were:

  • It is up to us, the yo0unger generation, to protect these tigers. He informed us of the problems by introducing numbers to capture our attention and that the most endangered type of big cat is the Snow leopard. He shocked us with the numbers of tigers left per 400 square miles in India Ė 8 males and 40 females. Also, the South China tiger, one of the remaining subspecies of the original 8, had only 10 members left in the wild of the previous 3 or 4 thousand in earlier years.
  • Anthony also used fun random facts to make us aware of the problem. He told us that the products made in China consumed 300 tigers in one year. Anthony also made a point to tell us that we Americans consume so much beef in one year that 35 million cows are being killed; and thatís enough to line up cows from LA to New York 16 times! Another point learned was that we are losing about a football field of rain forest every hour, destroying two subspecies of tigers along with them.
  • Marr also made us aware of the problems of captive tigers. The first reason was that they do not know how to hunt, so they canít survive. They also donít know how to raise babies, so the young canít survive from a captive mother. Lastly, they cannot deal with other tigers.


I enjoyed Anthonyís presence. He has been my favorite speaker so far.

I think that he has one quality that sets him apart from the other speakers and makes him so special; and that was his personality. His witty humor was obvious when he talked and made fun of the picture where the people looked like they were going into the giant tiger (prop) through its "rear end". Any other speaker would not have even probably noticed that, so I thought it was unique that he would mention it just so he could relate to our teenage minds. His main strength was his passion for the endangered tigers. He made me, someone who doesnít really care much for animals, feel some compassion for the poor kitties! However, I really did not enjoy how quiet he was. He could have been louder and that would have captured my attention better. Anthonyís one weakness had nothing to do with the issue, so I enjoyed having him in class.

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