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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 36


  • Anthony Marr is an environmentalist that is for the program Heal Our Planet Earth.
  • He wants to save all endangered species, and the tiger is an icon for this movement.
  • Only 5 subspecies out of 8 of the tiger still exist today. The habitat of these tigers is being wiped out, which is why they are becoming extinct.
  • In the world now, there are more captive tigers than there are wild tigers. A simple solution to this problem would be to move the captive tigers to the wild, but they cannot survive after being used to captivity.


Anthony Marr did a very good job for our class. His time of speaking was long, which usually leads to attention issue, but he kept our attention. His campaign and presentation is not something I would normally be interested in, but I was engaged almost the whole time.

Environmentalism is not something that I usually support or enjoy hearing about, but he somehow found a way to not only keep me focused, but have me supporting the cause by the end. He was interesting and convincing because he provided hard concrete facts, and also joked around to keep our attention.

He was also very practical because he did not overwhelm us with his cause, and instead informed us of it. Not only did he talk about the problem, he also provided solutions. This is what made him stand out in my mind from other speakers who simple talk on and on about their cause and the problems. I have never heard clear solution from them. Even when they do have solutions, you never see them executing them.

Anthony Marr not only had solutions, but he himself went and executed them. He is good not only as a speaker, but as a person, and I greatly credit him for that.

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