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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 43


  • His name is Anthony Marr and he is a major environmentalist who is trying to save many endangered species, mainly the tiger.
  • "If tigers cannot be saved, nothing can."- Anthony Marr
  • He is working on many other species besides the tiger, including the habitat. He told us that he was using the tiger "as an icon".


To start off I am definitely an animal lover so I enjoyed all of his points about how animal cruelty needed to be put to an end. The pictures were beautiful. They were a real eye-opener. Anthony Marr definitely knows what he is talking about. Not at all did he show any sign of being confused or not having an answer for a question that anyone had for him. I real respect that about him. I canít stand it when speakers come in and someone asks a question and all they says is "Look in this book," or "Just go to the website on the chalkboard." I seriously just want to ask them why they even come in if they donít even know how to answer our questions. Anthony Marr was different. He always had an answer, and even went beyond that a few times and go into details. The one fact that really shocked me was that someone would pay 500 dollars for a bowl of tiger penis soup. Who would seriously do that?

The only criticism that I have is that there were times where it got a little boring. Donít get me wrong, the slides were amazing, but at times I got a little too relaxed and just wanted to fall asleep. Especially being there for two periods really made me a little restless. It is understandable, though. He had a lot to talk about. Who knows that that could take up both periods? He did a very nice job and I think that he really thought about what he wanted to discuss with us. I am glad that I got to hear him out! Hopefully, he will continue with his work and eventually a good outcome will come of all his hard labor of love.

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