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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 48


  • Indiaís Project Tiger has two problems that they are trying to solve to save the tiger. First is to protect the tigerís habitat. Second is the banning of tiger hunting.
  • Deforestation is one of the major things that is killing off tigers. The land that once used to be forested is becoming desert. Once the trees are gone, it is hard, maybe even impossible, for the forest to grow back, because 6 billion tons of soil is lost every year due to deforestation and overgrazing.
  • Media is very important when you are working for a cause that you are trying to get others to see the importance of. You can send a letter to the government, but using media to get your cause known, you can get many more people to send letters. Doing this sends a much bigger statement and gets their attention.


Mr. Marr has been my favorite speaker out of the ones that we have had so far in class. I enjoyed listening to him speak because he was very passionate about what he is doing, and also very knowledgeable about it. I liked how he talked about the tiger, but he also talked about how he has been helping not only the tigers but the environment around them and the people and villages that surround that environment.

Many of the things in his presentation were shocking to me but I think the most shocking was the 5 or so slides that showed the tigersí habitat disappearing. Some of the tiger subspecies are now extinct because their habitats donít exist any more, and that is just amazing to me that we can just let that happen.

I also like that he is getting kids involved in trying to save the tiger and the environment because I really do think it is up to is what kind of world our kids grow up in, and if we donít do something about this now, then our kids will live in a world less beautiful than ours.

The one thing that really sticks out from Mr. Marrís presentation was the picture of the tigress with her cubs, then him telling the story about how the tigress was killed and he matched the roll of tiger skin to her, and that the cubs had died because their mother was no long there to provide for them. I just never knew that one bullet could kill three tigers.

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