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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 53


  • Anthony Marr is an environmentalist who worked in three tiger reserves in India. He believes that if we donít do something about the tiger population, they will be wiped out throughout the world except in zoos.
  • He founded Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) organization and is not only trying to save the planetís environment but is also trying to educate people in India about the tigers and how they can save them.
  • His campaign set up schools for rural Indian children, gave supplies and medicines to Indian families, and taught residents how to live sustainably.


Overall, I thought that Anthony Marr was an effective speaker. He had a great slideshow with detailed pictures that really emphasized his overall message about saving tigers and the environment. I liked how he was very knowledgeable about his topic of study and how he was able to answer any questions that we had. The statistics that he shared with us made me realize how many tigers are in danger and how we can help to save them. One of the most effective things that he mentioned that really impacted me was when he was showing us the slide of the female tiger and how she and her babies were killed and skinned and how her looked for her and matched her skin with the pictures of her markings.

That made me realize how many tigers are wanted and how poachers will do anything to get some money.

The thing that I did not like about Anthonyís speech was that he seemed like he was trying to persuade us to become vegans. I understand that in doing so he was trying to get his point across that we should not be killing animals for their own benefit, however, I think that he went a little too far with this theme.

I enjoyed Anthonyís speech overall and I felt that he was an effective speaker that woke me up about certain issues that are normally overlooked.

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