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3000 years of wisdom for 2008

Dear friends and colleagues:

This (Gems Of Wisdom) is a new year's gift from the ages. It is not a simple copy-and-paste job. I have vetted every line and considered it in depth before its inclusion, and have rejected some from even luminaries such as Einstein and Lao Tzu. I hope this will help with your new year's resolution, your search for meaning and your fight for the animals.

This is of course far from comprehensive. Certain historical superstars e.g. Jesus Christ and Mohammed are not included, but they are generous enough to yield the room to those who are just as wise, but not quite so already over-exposed. Nor have I included any quotes from the AR movement, since it strength is not in words, but in action.

If you are recipient to this, you are already wise beyond your years, far ahead of your time, and have taken on much in leading the evolution of humanity. Thank you all for what you do. Best for 2008 onwards.


Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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