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Letter from Pat Frantz Concerning Experimentation on Animals - 19 Dec 2005

The reports you have from the University of Connecticut grossly under represent the true number of experiments. Electricians and electrical engineers at UConn don't bother asking for permission from Environmental Health and Safety for their research projects if they are denied permission.

One electrician named Stephen Clark, for example, has not requested permission for animal experimentations since 1986. He is listed officially as an electrician in Storrs UConn but conducts experiments at the Farmington Campus on mice and other animals, dosing them with electro shocks no doubt to help them forget to bite him on the nose when they see him. He does the same with colleagues who protest his Frankensteinian experiments as well or tortures their progeny. That' s the typical retribution for Whistleblowing Mothers and Grandmothers he and his shocking friends can't manage to poison at Natchaugh or the Institute for Living.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Pat:

Thank you very much for bring this to our attention.

We'd very much like to know more about these situations and to know what proof or documentation you may have to support what you've written about.

We are sending a copy of this email to Michael Budkie of Stop Animal Exploitation Now! We're sure that his organization is also interested in learning more and exposing the truth.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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