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Letter from Joe Dugal about Testing Drugs on Animals - 12 June 2006

Maybe you'll be the first in line to accept a new drug that will save someone in your family's life. That is what you're saying right? Stop testing on animals and test on people.

You people are all the same. If it's not cute, it's not worth saving. Baby seals, rabbits, mice, baby rats, dogs, cats..."but they're all so cute"...well, I'll tell you one thing: better them than me. It's unfortunate that it has to happen, it really is (especially considering that I have a dog, cat, and rabbit myself), but it's a necessary evil. Just remember that one day you will need the antibiotics/drugs that were tested on these animals to survive, and if it hadn't been for their deaths, you would not be alive.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Joe:

There is no such thing as a necessary evil, and it's this attitude that is causing most of our problems.

No human or other animal should have to suffer. All have a right to be at peace. Laboratory testing on animals is not the answer for achieving good health. Prevention is! But since there is no money in promoting prevention, there is testing on animals, so they can make money fighting the illnesses we bring upon ourselves.

We are both in our upper 60ís and take no medication, rarely see a doctor, and our health, today is better than it was when we were in our 40ís.

We care a lot about humans and other animals and want the best for all.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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