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The Mary T. and
Frank L. Hoffman
Family Foundation


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Letter to University of Pittsburgh
Concerning Research that Utilizes Animals

6 March 2002

Mark A. Nordenberg
University of Pittsburgh
4200 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Dear Sir:

As University of Pittsburgh alumni we are asked for donations for our alma mater. Much as we would like to help beyond annual dues, we hesitate for the following reason: As far as we know, research that utilizes animals continues unabated in the University’s laboratories.

What is being done to animals in the name of science is inhumane and has rarely alleviated human suffering beyond what could be achieved through other means.

Unless the leaders of this world begin to take a stand for ethical, moral and compassionate living, we will destroy ourselves. Toward this end, a good place to start is an internal audit examining the issue of duplication of research projects in the University of Pittsburgh’s system.

We look forward to your reply and welcome any questions you may have.

Sincerely yours,
The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

Frank L. Hoffman

Mary T. Hoffman

We welcome your comments

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