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True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth


No one can come to God without dying to himself. It canít be done. If you want to have a relationship with God, you have to come to Him on His terms, not yours. God must be treated as God and not a genie, who grants your every wish. As it is in The Lordís Prayer, ďYour kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, so it is in the life of every true child of God. You canít mix your will and His will together and have a relationship with Him.

Ultimately, this means you seek Godís Will on every decision, ask His help on every task and be totally reliant on Him for direction and power every second of your life.

The problem with most people is they want everything their way. They want to call the shots, make their own decisions, but still want the rewards and blessings that God has to give. Not going to happen.

No one can live for God, without the help of God and this comes with a second by second, unbroken communication with Him. You donít have to talk with God every second, but you must listen to Him every second.

You still have a mind of your own. However, to walk with God you must seek His Will on everything. Most of the time, He will let you decide like when He told Adam to name all the animals in the Garden of Eden. In that case, it was Adamís decision. God gave him the authority to choose.

But those times when God wants to do something different than what you want to do, you must die to your will or surrender your will to God and do what He wants to do in that situation.

Like in the Garden of Eden, God told Adam, he could eat from every tree in the Garden of Eden except two. God allowed him the freedom to have most everything he wanted. Thatís the way it is in our relationship with God. He wants us to have authority, but only under His Hand.

Thatís the choice you have to make, your will or Godís Will. If you want God, it has to be His Will. After all, His Will is what lifeís about and the only reason youíre here.

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