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Love Notes from Guide to Kingdom Living

True Christian living requires us to live according to the Kingdom standards of God's Heavenly will, which bring Heaven to earth.

Love Notes
From Frank to Mary on their 47th Anniversary

Happy Forty-seventh Anniversary
Forty-seventh Anniversary - 1
Wow! Forty-seven years!
Can you hear all the cheers?

They’re coming from our friends;
There seems to be no end.

Our love shines as bright light;
The animals have delight.

Humans see compassion;
Their souls feel conviction.

The world doesn’t like it;
To God: a perfect fit.

The future holds no fears;
Because we cause no tears.

For we’re joined as soul mates,
With veggies on our plates.
Forty-seventh Anniversary - 2
I Love You…
…with all my heart!
7 July 2008

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