Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) - 4a

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)
Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake

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Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake
Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

Coltsfoot - 04
(Coltsfoot - 04) The flowers of the coltsfoot appear long before the leaves.  The leaves (not shown here) are basal and grow upright, much like a dandelion's leaves; but the coltsfoot's leaves are sparsely toothed and more rounded and heart-shaped.  The undersides of the leaves are white and hairy, and are said to resemble a colt's foot, which led to the common name.  These coltsfoot are about 4 inches high, and according to the literature, they can grow to 18 inches in height, though we have not seen them that tall.
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