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Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake
- Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) -

(Canada Goldenrod - 01a)  This is a closer view of one of the flowering plumes of the Canada goldenrod.  One of the characteristics of the Canada goldenrod is the parallel veined and saw-toothed lanceolate shaped leaves.  The parallel veining is most evident on the underside of the downward facing leaf in the lower left of the photo; and toothed edges are evident on the leaf in the lower right of the photo.

Trevor Kuipers kindly wrote to us about the potential identification problem of the parallel veined leaf of the Canada goldenrod making it seem like it was a monocotyledon plant when in fact it is a dicotyledon plant.  Cotyledon are the seed-leaves that first appear when the seed sprouts.  For example grasses, which have parallel veined leaves, are monocotyledon plants because they have only one leaf on the sprout, and beans are dicotyledon plants because they have two leaves on the sprout, as does the Canada goldenrod.

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