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Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake
- Greek Valerian (Polemonium reptans) -
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(Greek Valerian - 01)  The Greek valerian is similar to the Jacob's ladder, but smaller in stature, and with fewer leaflets on its pinnate leaves.  The Greek valerian usually grows to heights of between 5 and 20 inches (13-50 cm.).  The number of leaflets on each pinnate leaf do not exceed 17 and are near the bottom of the plant; as an example, in this photo the one with the sun shining on it has 9 leaflets. 




(Greek Valerian - 02)  Each of the Greek valerian flowers has five petals that are united to form a bell-shaped corolla with flared lobes, and has five stamens and one pistil.




(Greek Valerian - 02a)  In this photo, we can see another way of identifying the Greek valerian.  The stamens of the Greek valerian do not extend beyond the corolla, or open end of the flower; while in the Jacob's ladder, they extend well beyond the corolla.  By looking at the sides of the flowers, as we are in this photo, we can easily observe that the stamens do not extend beyond the corolla; only the stigma at the top of the pistil can be seen projecting beyond the corolla.



(Greek Valerian - 03)  The Greek valerian received its name because the white stamens and blue petals suggested the colors of the Greek flag.





(Greek Valerian - 04)  The Greek valerian bloom in the spring from April to June.  According to the literature, Greek valerian grow in all areas except New England.






(Greek Valerian - 04a)  In this bee's eye view of the flared stigma at the end of the pistil, we can see the pollen grains that will fertilize the Greek valerian and ensure its propagation.





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