Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus)
Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake - A Photo Journal

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Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake
Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus)

(Yellow Flag Iris - 15) This photo of yellow flag iris was sent to us by Darlu Littledeer, with our thanks. She wrote: "I have been hiking around the lake at Craighead Forest Park here in Jonesboro, AR for over 5 years. This past week I saw for the very first time one small stand of yellow iris growing at the lake's edge. I didn't know exactly what the flowers were, so I came home and did some research on my computer. I knew the flowers were iris and knew they were yellow; didn't know if they were wild, but assumed they must be. I ran across your website and thought I would send you a couple of pictures I took of these iris. Thought you might enjoy knowing they were here and seeing what they looked like. Thanks for the informational material and pictures that you provided at your website."