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Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake
Sow-Thistle, Common (Sonchus oleraceus)

(Sow-Thistle, Common - 01)  We believe that this wild flower is a common sow-thistle because of its smooth stem, unlike the hairy stem of the field sow-thistle, and its base leaves are pointed, unlike the rounded lobed leaves of the spiny-leaved sow-thistle.






(Sow-Thistle, Common - 01a)  In this photo we can see the prickly leaves with their pointed lobes, and that the stems are smooth.







(Sow-Thistle, Common - 02)  This is a bird's eye view of the common sow-thistle with its flowers and buds.  It has been generally classified as a member of the Composite family.





(Sow-Thistle, Common - 02a)  This is a bee's eye view of the one inch diameter flower of the common sow-thistle, which is not yet fully opened.





(Sow-Thistle, Common - 02b)  This is a close up view of a fully developed common sow-thistle  bud, which is just about ready to open, and a six-legged visitor who came to witness the occasion.



(Sow-Thistle, Common - 03)  This small cluster of common sow-thistle shows both the flowers and the feathery seeds ready to take flight to propagate the species.






(Sow-Thistle, Common - 03a)  These are three fully opened common sow-thistle blooms that are glistening in the sunlight.






(Sow-Thistle, Common - 03b)  This is a closer look at the common sow-thistle that has gone to seed.






(Sow-Thistle, Common - 04)  This is an even closer look at one of the common sow-thistle's seed clusters that is preparing to become airborne in the next gust of wind.





(Sow-Thistle, Common - 04a)  This is a magnified look at one of the common sow-thistle seeds, with its feathery ends extended to catch the next breeze to carry it through the air and away from the remaining seeds.






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