Block Island, Rhode Island, USA
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Block Island, Rhode Island, USA - 16 June 2011

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Stone wall and tree on Block Island
(Photo - 01)
Various types, colors, and textures add to the beauty of the stone walls
(Photo - 01a)
Another Block Island stone wall
(Photo - 02)
A closer look at the Block Island stone wall
(Photo - 03)
Wild roses and other flowering plants
(Photo - 04)
Wild rose (Rosa Rugosa)
(Photo - 05)
Rosa Rugosa and visiting wasps
(Photo - 06)
Interesting patters in the sandstone rock
(Photo - 07)
Flow patterns in the sand stone rock
(Photo - 07a)
Barnacles and seaweed growing on tidal rocks
(Photo - 08)
Barnacles and seaweed growing on a tidal rock
(Photo - 08a)
Tidal rock with barnacles and seeweed growing on it
(Photo - 09)
Block Island pond
(Photo - 10)
Flowering shrubs and cattails along the edge of the pond
(Photo - 10a)
Yellow pond lilies, Nuphar lutea, beginning to bloom
(Photo - 10b)
Yellow pond lilies and ducks
(Photo - 11)
Yellow pond lilies in the duck pond
(Photo - 12)
A closer look at the yellow pond lilies
(Photo - 12a)
Duck and lily pond
(Photo - 13)
Ducks lounging under tree beside the pond
(Photo - 13a)
Duck and lily pond
(Photo - 14)
More ducks lounge beside the pond
(Photo - 15)
Lounging Ducks
(Photo - 15a)
Lichen growing on tree trunk
(Photo - 15b)
Ducks start walking toward us
(Photo - 16)
Ducks walking toward us
(Photo - 16a)
Ducts beside pond
(Photo - 17)