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Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake
- Buttercup ( Ranunculus acris) -
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wfshl-buttercup4.jpg (81070 bytes)The buttercup is easily identified by its shiny, 5-petal, bright yellow flowers which sit atop long slender stems.   Their leaves are palmate with heavily toothed leaflets radiating out from the center.  They bloom from May through August.




wfshl-buttercup3.jpg (50763 bytes)In this photo we can see several of the buttercup buds and get a closer look at the leaf structure.  It is interesting to note the origin of the names of flowers, such as the buttercup, which derives its scientific name from the Latin word, ranunculus, which means "little frog".  This name probably originated because many species of buttercup are found in wet and swampy areas where frogs also live.



wfshl-buttercup1.jpg (45630 bytes)The natural brightness of the buttercup petals gives the appearance that they have been varnished.  To us, it's another of the wonders of God's creation.





wfshl-buttercup2.jpg (42406 bytes)We were not able to identify the gummy substance on this buttercup flower.  We suspect it was formed by morning dew and the flower's nectar and pollen.  It is also interesting to note that grazing animals rarely eat the buttercup because of its acrid tasting juice.



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