9 is 8
Poetry By Anthony James

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9 is 8
Poetry By Anthony James

Friends are Divine Helpers,
Pointing and Calling;
They see,
That you do not...
That is okay.

The friend you've earned,
Now you're not alone!
Let's figure this out.

Logic and reason:
Summer is hot,
Winter is freezing.
Order, Rotation,
Legs moving forward,
Advance the situation.

Can you see this?
God in Every Detail!
You can do this!
Just keep moving!

Infinity again,
Recognize the situation
From back then?

Keep aware,
Mental notes are useful;
Every loop is Time,
Time advances are Crucial!

Move along the continuum,
So much to see;
Advance along
Times' Sea.

Infinity again?
Reincarnate til then?
Time and Time Again
A figure Eight.

Come on move;
Step forward in a groove;
Eight, Infinity,
A bit long,
Are you kidding me?

Round and Round,
Can you imagine?
Forever and Ever,
Good and Bad,
Another Chance.

Will I learn
On the back end of this loop,
About to round this corner again,
About to recoup.

Infinity is Great,
A break in Time?
Means 9 is 8.