Andrew Pell

All Life Is Sacred
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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All Life Is Sacred
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Hunting is not a recreational sport.
It is the murder of innocent lives that should be taught.
Killing a defenseless animal in no way should be sport.
All life is precious, one would have thought.
Why do people derive pleasure in killing?
This whole process is flawed and chilling.
Why a defenseless being?
Are they deaf to their fears and dying?
It is all about power that makes them Kill.
In some perverted way they get a thrill.
Do they not hear their cries?
The hunters comfort themselves in lies.
Hunting is wrong and should be banned.
Is preserving life such a heavy demand?
The animals need advocates for their cause.
Hunters blatantly kill without remorse.
All life is sacred and should be protected.
Sadly the animals are not protected.
© Andrew Pell 04/03/2003

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