Andrew PellAll That Is Beautiful
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell


We give thanks to God for all that is beautiful in creation.
The building of an artistic and spiritual nation.
A beautiful symphony inspired by God created by man.
A walk at sunset across the timeless sand.
A painting, a masterpiece of divine artistry.
Its very soul enables us to clearly see.
For friends, family and loved ones we know.
In human kindness love will always show.
For the myriads of people that cross our path each day.
Render a smile, extend your hand, tell them what you need to say.
We give thanks for a beautiful rose.
This flower and its essence inspires us to compose.
We give thanks for all that is beautiful in creation.
God's wondrous presence flows like an ever-rolling ocean.
Be at peace, God's bountiful gifts are on the increase.

(c) Andrew Pell 26/11/08

red rose

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