A Magical Autumn Day
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

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A Magical Autumn Day
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

In the early morning, you take a brief stroll in the Park.

The gentle sun and soft breeze, leaves its kindly mark.

The morning birds sing their songs of praise.

In listening to them our hearts rejoice and our spirits are raised.

The soft sunrays kiss and caress our face.

Life is illuminated and tranquil, there is no need to race.

Soon our morning chores and employment will begin.

To wish that time could stand still is no grave sin.

At the end of the day there are many things we would like to say.

One thing would be, thankyou dear Lord for my work and play.

The daylight begins to fade.

The fullness of God in my thoughts pervades.

There is peace in the evening of the day.

The myriads of stars twinkle as if they have come out to play.

The birds of the night begin their enchanting and mesmerising songs.

In a frozen moment of time we are united, to each other we belong.

We give thanks for the day that is past.

These peaceful hours we pray will last.

© Andrew Pell 01/03/08