Dear M.O.A.F.M.
Poetry By Anonymous

Animal Rights Poetry

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Dear M.O.A.F.M.
Poetry By Anonymous

I’m sorry to disturb you
To waste your precious time
But I’m trying hard to trace
A certain relative of mine

I’ve searched for him all over
The fields, the woods, the shore
I’m missing him so much
I just can’t take it anymore

He was only very little
He went off out to play
And I haven’t seen him since
No contact to this day

And I know just what you’re thinking
But he wouldn’t run away
He’s a good lil boy, my Eshep
And I wont hear what you say

I’m worried that “they’ve” got him
You know, “them“, they talk about
They usually take them by the mass
But they’ve been known to shoot one down

But, yeah, the reason that I’m writing
Its just that I’ve been told
That you sometimes take us in
When we get a bit too old

I was just thinking maybe
There might have been a mistake
And “they” brought in my poor Eshep
When he was just playing by the lake

I’m hoping you’ll get back to me
I don’t know what else to do
I’d given it all up already
When I thought of trying you

Oh please have news with you!

Eshep’s Mother, Phees Wee

Dear Phees Wee we’re sorry
There’s been no error here
Your son was brought here a week okay
Like a million sheep this year

It was decided he was grown enough
To be sent away to us
And honestly, I’m sorry
But please don’t make a fuss

Your son was nothing special
A little manky in the flesh
He won’t be sent to the market
So I’ll send you on the mess

You’ll be able to bury him
Or whatever it is you do
And you’re right I’m very busy
I don’t expect a reply from you

(Murder Of Animals For Meat)