Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Animal Rights Poetry

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

They belong not to us
Those we hunt, those we trap
Nor the cattle on a thousand hills
But reverence for Life
To us has been lost
Yet we continue to hunt for thrills;

We have poisoned the seas
Where the fish and whale live
And the elephants are killed for their tusks
We have throw-away-pets
And have poisoned our wells
We torture Civet cats for their musk..

We still think it's great
Hanging heads on our walls
Wearing someone's skins on our hide
In a trap 'til they die
Some are skinned while alive
And we wear this cruelty with pride?..

Life we don't understand
We get rid of...destroy
Whether greed, for fashion, for fun
For when will we cherish
All God has made?
Remember what we did to His Son?

To the least of these
That you do so harm
For those which you harm, you harm God!
In the smallest of life
There God's Spirit lives
For He lives in the seas and the sod...

I pray for all creatures
We have tortured and killed
They are living and breathing, not toys
We should care for them
As we are for ourselves
We share God's scared life and its joys....