Toxic Adrenalin
By Lance Landall
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Toxic Adrenalin
By Lance Landall

It’s really quite ironic, how many who love their pet
A buzz from killing creatures, incredulously get.
Yes, isn’t it ironic, how many who love their pet
Kill a creature just for sport, and warped satisfaction get.

“But we’re eating what we kill”, you will often hear them say,
When, not one single creature, did they have a need to slay.
Why do those who have no need, act in such a mindless way,
Callously killing creatures, that don’t have a choice or say?

It’s really quite ironic, how many who are pro-life
Can happily kill for sport, or condone this wrong that’s rife.
Yes, isn’t it ironic, how some who wouldn’t harm their pet
Can happily cook their ‘catch’, and excited by that get.

How can any justify, killing creatures just for sport,
Why is it that so many, such barbarity support?
Why do some folk love their guns, and the death their bullets bring,
And from where does this desire, unfortunately spring?

Those who foster in a child, this same desire to kill,
Are fostering a pleasure, that could one day bring them ill.
When someone enjoys killing, there’s a sickness deep inside,
For no desire to kill, in any of us, should reside.

It seems inevitable, once there’s a taste for killing,
That someone, somewhere, sometime, human blood, will be spilling.
Thus, parents should be careful, lest a foolish seed they sow,
For once a seed is sown, who knows what in time will show.

Killing, one shouldn’t enjoy, and doubly so, where there’s no need,
Like killing creatures for sport, or for monetary greed.
So, don’t take up such killing, if you’ve not done so before,
And if you already have, PLEASE, don’t do it anymore.  

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