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Around the Altar
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Around the Altar
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Around the Altar we worship you.
Father we know your words are true.
You bless us with peace and tranquility.
We have traction on our spiritual mobility.
All the earth proclaims your praise.
At the Altar we in chorus raise.
We give thanks for your mercy and love.
We feel your presence descending from above.
Angels join in the celebration.
The Server’s bells are gently ringing.
The organ plays ethereal music in sonorous tones.
The bond between Heaven and earth is sewn.
The heavenly food thus providing,
You dear Lord are always guiding.
We give thanks to you dear Lord and King.
Ever praising you in song and Hymns.
“Lost in wonder, Love and praise”.
© Andrew Pell 08/05/2013

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