Ask in a Way
Poetry By Anthony James


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Ask in a Way
Poetry By Anthony James

Ask in a way

That pounds of sincerity

And though blind,


Open My eyes dear Lord

I am lost.

Forgive me, Father

For my sins

Jesus paid the cost

And here I lay

Alone and afraid

My prayers

Are deaf to my own ears

And I have little left to say.

Let me fade, then


Time has become a hurdle

Lost in sin

Weak and thin

I'm unable to clear it

At the end of my rope

The end of my hope

My heart is broke-

And though I never thought I could

And though I never thought I would

I give up my spirit

In Jesus' Arms

My limp Soul lay-

He cried so loud-

My Son To Save!

And He lay me down

In my bed again-

Healed and Forgiven of my sin-

And I woke in fear and tears

Repenting and Praising

The Lord of High, The Savior and Redeemer

The sweetest name I know!

Jesus Christ -