Asking For Trouble
By Lance Landall

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Asking For Trouble
By Lance Landall

Your brain is very precious, in fact, itís actually you,
For your brainís where your mind is, your personality too.
And also your character, yes, the person youíve become,
So, when it comes to drugs, friend, I wouldnít bother, wouldnít succumb.

Donít ever play with your mind, donít ever mess with your brain,
For thatís your control centre, and what you wreck, you donít regain.
Be it marijuana, heroin, LSD, ĎPí or cocaine,
For your sanity sake, and your health sake, you should refrain.

Take note of what drugs have done, and learn from othersí mistakes,
Or, if using them already, free yourself, hit the brakes!
For sooner or later, friend, taking drugs will cripple you,
Theyíre mind wreckers, life wreckers, and society harm too.

In your mind is where you live, and your whole life youíll spend there,
Thus, should you wreck that place, friend, youíll have reason for despair.
Itís a crazy thing to do ó thatís right ó itís insanity,
For who would destroy their home ó their brain ó voluntarily?

Your brainís designed to give you, a lifetime of normal use,
But it will fail to give that, if it suffers such abuse.
Youíll find that certain functions, wonít deliver whatís required,
That your fling with taking drugs, has horribly backfired.

Plus, while drug pushers grow rich, you, friend, will simply grow poor,
And, as your addiction grows, youíll seek out those pushers more.
Soon hooked, broke, and circle bound, you may turn to crime to find
Money for your addiction, and those masters of your mind.

Yes, youíll soon become a slave, just a puppet on a string,
Whoís just feathering the nest, of some pusher, or drug king.
Youíll just hurt the ones you love, bring them misery and shame,
And also have to live with, knowing youíre the one to blame.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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