A Time of Grace
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

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A Time of Grace
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

We are living in the time of grace.

Turn to God now; make haste.

This time of dispensation will not last.

The Day of the Lord is approaching fast.

It is God’s world, God’s law.

God was here in the beginning and before.

It was God who unlocked the door.

Arrogantly man exalted his pride.

Yet God wanted to be by his side.

The foundations of the world will be shaken.

The sky will darken.

The earth will wobble to and fro.

Man will say, “How can this be so”.

Hearts will be troubled and full of fear.

For those who are faithful, God is near.

Who will stand on this great and terrible day?

God has written the final act in this human play.

The Good news is that we are still living in grace.

All events will unfold and fall into place,

Change your ways and follow the path of peace.

God’s bountiful love can only increase.

Be kind and patient to all those around you.

Never doubt that God’s words are true.

God will make all things new.

Uplift one another in prayer.

In practical ways we must show that we care.

Show love to those we do not even know.

Let the light of Christ encircle us with a radiant glow.

What we sow we truly reap.

God’s word is not just for the elite.

It is for those who are meek.

It is for those who truly seek.

It is for those whose God’s commandments they keep.

The Time of Grace may end tonight.

Are we walking in God’s holy light?

Where you are, God is.

From that moment there is eternal bliss.

© Andrew Pell 05/03/09