Belinda van Rensburg

Behind Glass Walls
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg


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Behind Glass Walls
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg

God's children live in houses of glass
which are totally transparent,
and everything that we say and do,
is to the whole world apparent.

How we act and who we are
is impossible to hide,
since we live in houses of glass,
with no bricks on the front or sides.

The whole world is looking at us
to see if we act like our King,
and there is no place to run or to hide
if our lives do not honor Him.

We are the Emissaries of Christ,
and therefore this we need do:
live as set out in the Word of God,
and people will know that our Message is true.

We are daily judged by the world at large,
Christ said this is how it should be.
Now shine your light and do what is right,
so that others may turn to Christ and be free.