Anthony James

A Child Is Born
Poetry By Anthony James


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A Child Is Born
Poetry By Anthony James

Why, are Your shoulders trembling, Father?

Do You Love me?

I feel something?
What is this sorrow,
Come over me, now?

Why do I weep,
And sob, so deep?

Tis Your Sorrow, Lord
That Ye have put into me?
Your Sorrow, God ..
Of Your Heart.. in mine...

Ye Give me Ye Sorrow, God
And it Calls me.

If Ye Loveth me,
Than it is True
You are my Father...
And I am Your son.

So long, Oh God
Did I be,
In the Womb of this Earth..

Where I were a physical being
A fetus.
Where my Heart did beat
And broken little feet,
Did walk ten thousand miles
In this belly.

Simmered in the heat of tribulation
I am Contrite, Repentant and Right.
Born of God..
Into Your Hands, I have placed
My Heart...

Ready for Birth!

I was Yours all along.
Joyful Father, You have Called me.

And will bring me forth from this womb..

Yea, Earth my Mother

Yea, God my Father...

Yea, Jesus, my Cord and Life and Breath..
Who Gave me Life, when I died.

Yea, Heaven, Home of Spirits.
God's Family.
Eternal Life.