Conception Is A Parable
Poetry By Anthony James


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Conception Is A Parable
Poetry By Anthony James

Eating up in the flesh-
Things of this world, there we go-
Is giving up to say-

'We're doing our best'?

Narrow is the Gate-
I've heard this, but look at my plate-
Full of filth and sin- sweetened by the seasoning
Of self-assuredness- Taken at face value-
Of a quitter's grin- And the amassing of materialism.

Obese of the things the earth is of
The feet move slow, weighted down-
In the gravity of sin- a belly full, with no room left
For Truth and Meaning.

So we're all proud and pretty-
Looking at each other, but never at our True selves-
Who will fit through? Who will fade away?

The rules?
What of the rules?

Narrow is the Gate, who will fit through?
Like sperm, only one or two?
Are fit for life- and get through...

Such a lonely Universe-
Who will be able to fit in?
Through that Gate?

December 20, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved