Cura Sanitatis Tiberii
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Cura Sanitatis Tiberii
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

(Veil of the True Image)

Veronica wiped Christ’s face at his destiny with Calvary.

An eternal moment in earths divine history.

That fateful day changed the course of the human race.

An act of unselfish love brought God and man face to face.

The true image of Christ is not only enshrined in the veil.

It is also part of the legend of the Holy Grail.

The true image of Christ is what he did indeed preach.

It was his divine words that all could attain and reach.

No longer was man imprisoned by darkness that was prevalent.

Now enshrined in a healing light that is omnipresent.

Christ’s true image is what he taught.

Words of love that millions have sought,

Christ’s true image is the hope of this millennium.

Darkness has dissipated and on the run.

Christ’s image is in his words he spoke.

Words that were understood by the ordinary folk;

Love everyone was his prime command.

A simple yet difficult concept to understand;

Help all strangers and friends in need.

By your actions you will set them free.

Embrace all who may come your way.

With a smile there is nothing more to say.

The Cura Sanitatis Tiberii is handed to us.

Can it be done without any fuss?

© Andrew Pell 01/01/11