Doctor Sunshine
By Lance Landall


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Doctor Sunshine
By Lance Landall

Due to feeling rather down, some medication was required,
So I rang old Doctor Sunshine, who much happiness inspired.
“I will be right over,” he said, grabbing a humorous brew,
And then beaming very brightly, he appeared as if on cue.

Yes, the blues had settled on me, and were cruelly pressing down,
Thus my laughter lines and wrinkles had converted to a frown.
My chin was on the table, and I had little zing and zoom,
Until Doctor Sunshine appeared, and brightness began to bloom.

He seized a jolly syringe, and jabbed me with gags, quips and puns,
Until slowly endorphins grew, sending rays out like the sun’s.
In time he had me giggling, and then laughing until I cried,
Which soon had me back to normal, and bubbling with joy inside.

He then left me a prescription for natural remedies
That would perk one’s spirits up, and that one’s ups and downs would ease.
He said to take them often, for they would act preventively,
Referring to happy thoughts — alias positivity.

Yes, good old Doctor Sunshine soon rescued me from the old blues,
For he knew instinctively that it’s mostly those thoughts we choose.
And being such a kindly fellow, he never berated me,
But simply snatched some laughter and then began his therapy.

We all need Doctor Sunshine to visit us from time to time,
Whose bag of spirit lifters gives us shots that then see us climb.
And he’s such a merry fellow who’s great fun to have around,
Especially when the blues try to hassle us and surround.

Yes, he knows how to treat the blues with his warming sunny rays,
That radiate cheerfulness and lighten up those gloomy days.
For he looks on the brighter side, sows positive energy,
And he does such so very well, for that’s his practice, you see.