Earth Day
By Mary T. Hoffman


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Earth Day
Search your heart; you know the truth.
By Mary T. Hoffman

Don’t talk to me of Earth Day
Unless you’ve changed the way
You treat your fellow creatures,
The fish, the cow, the bear –
All those with whom we share this planet Earth –
Deserve your love and care.

So stop the hype and endless talk;
Talk is cheap, so walk the walk;
If your idea of a treat
Comes with dairy, eggs, or meat
You may think that you are “green”
But all you prove is that you’re “mean.”

This isn’t just another fad;
Earth’s condition’s really sad.
Stop wasting money and your time,
Before you spend another dime
On “food” that’s really but a crime.
Refuse to fund a factory farm,
Don’t be complicit in the harm
Done to those who cannot tell
The pain of living in that hell.

You’re selfish as can be
When you refuse to see
The truth before your eyes.
You’d rather live with lies?

You really know what you must do;
In your heart you know what’s true.
“The truth will set you free,”
If you acknowledge what you see.

(Written 22 April 2007)