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Endless Day
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Endless Day
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Time like an ever rolling stream, bears all our sons away;
They fly, forgotten as a dream. Dies at the Opening day

Dr Wm Croft, 1708
The Endless day is immortality.
Death is not a fatality.
It is a journey of new life, new boundaries.
Understood by visionaries.
Death is a transition to life eternal.
A world of endless light and love supernal.
We all are on a journey to this land of endless day.
A land where the heart and mind are free
A land of that is of such crystal clarity.
God’s love lights the endless day.
All our sorrows and tears are wiped away.
Sacred Scriptures wrote of this land.
It is not difficult to understand.
Friends and loved ones, strangers are always on the road.
Journeying to eternal rest in the heavenly abode.
© Andrew Pell 18/08/2013

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