Esoterikos (hidden meaning)
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Esoterikos (hidden meaning)
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

When we talk about Esoterikos we talk about something hidden.

Only known to the various elect or initiates.

Hidden wisdom that caused much empowerment and derision.

Secret Societies and Sects that claimed they had the truth.

Our human nature being what it is wanted to know more.

Yet in one God ordained book was all the proof.

In this one book was everything that had gone on before.

Even today Cults flourish for revealing their perception of what is truth.

They are costly spiritually and materialistically.

You find they are not open, but in fact closed and aloof

When we talk about Esoterikos, we talk about something not revealed.

Yet with God, the bible is the revealer of truth

There the word of God is open definitely not sealed.

It is a guide to modern living, a glimpse of God’s and ours eternity.

In God’s Kingdom there are not a select few.

The Gates are open wide that all may enter in.

What God has promised, is something we all can do?

No hidden rituals, no mantras, be at peace and boldly enter in.

© Andrew Pell 4/05/08