Anthony James

Even me
Poetry By Anthony James


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Even me
Poetry By Anthony James

Oh God,
Even me.

Even me, oh God.
Even me

Were you able to Save.

Even me, there King
Did You Bring.

Sin, my, king
Made of me, a slave

An adulterer to sin
I did leave You, for her.
I did.

Because I am that way.
I am a betrayer of Love
And weak to sin
Because I love to sin

//Though, now I fear and Repent//
To Sheol I went, and was raised up, again.

Because when I bit of the apple
I saw darkness and loved it.
And I chose it over, Ye, Jesus.

I chose the flesh of her shadows
And the curves of her, my hands did caress
And, kill You.

And crush You.
And even I crush Your Heart, Oh Jesus

You died then, for the sake of Sake.
For me.
To Repent of my iniquity
And, See! Of Thee.

And travel the warped tunnels of my Soul in time-
And the wicked fires of passion, for sin, that burned in my heart..
Calling out to You- "Jesus, Save me"
In Sheol-

And You were there.
For You knew I would need
To die.

And in death, did come
Your Breath Again.
I was Born.

Born of God.

And I say to myself
Not 1 word.

And my tears are Thanks.
And they pour down
The face of a Saved man.

Oh Jesus,
It is TRUE!

Even me, Lord
Even me.