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Experience is opportunity
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Experience is opportunity
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Experience good or bad are a wealth of opportunity.
Experiences are thrown at us as a result of our humanity.
How we act and deal with the situation will determine the outcome.
We do not want to be left in a paralytic state feeling numb.
At times we need to separate the intellect from the emotion.
Nothing is going to be fixed by a magical potion.
Analyze each situation and pray to God for the best result.
Sometimes what happens is no ones fault?
Be at peace at all times in every situation.
Resisting will cause the problem to inflate.
Meditate in quietness and speak to God in a tranquil place.
Try to visualize God talking to you face to face.
Listen and wait for the answer to come your way.
Be attentive to what God has to say.
Experience is an opportunity for spiritual development.
When you reach that point you are in your element.
© Andrew Pell 13/10/2013

experience opportunity
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