Far Away Place
Poetry By Anthony James

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Far Away Place
Poetry By Anthony James

then, it just happened..
there I were.
a White marble aisle
the sides of golden lamps

I am alone and it's so quiet
I hear a voice 'Come'
I see a Man a ways down the long aisle
I listen without hesitation, I walk toward Him

and I stop where I see a golden cross in the marble before Him
I begin to think of where I have seen it? but i, i?

What is your name?
I am Anthony James

turning His head from the side
He looks at me directly
I see tears falling from His eyes

"that is a nice name"
and He smiles at me

I say
"what is your name"?

and He says

~My Name Is Jesus~

I say to Him
"You are my Father"

from His breast I see a Light I cannot look at it
so Bright.
He says to me

"Come, Be Blessed"

Suffered Son who weeps
Come, wiping my tears away-

He removes the crown of death from me
and places upon my head a new Crown.