Father's Here With A Miracle
Poetry By Anthony James

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Father's Here With A Miracle
Poetry By Anthony James

Oh my Father what things You do,
You found me here in this apartment
asleep from You in a dream You came to

I breathed You in
The Holy Spirit, throughout my Soul
nothing of me, unknown-

I called on You, in a dream too
"we need help" I screamed to You-
Forgive me please, for I had screamed
I am a man, I am so beneath You, here.

I can't believe that You came to me
I can't stop weeping-
some tears linger about the lower lid,
not these, weeping eyes pour down
upon the Truth You awaken, I am shaking
this is true, Father
You Were Here With me.

Things changed immediately,
Did they not Father? Did You see what I did?
For You, for me?
I am a sinner, still you Love me.

I would do anything for You, Anything!
But You did Something In me.
You set me Free, I will never let this escape me

No more my Father, Never Again.
I am on the path now, You are Merciful.
I Live For You Now.

You answered a plea in a dream
With a Miracle in another-
My palms are up to You, forever.

July 6, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved