Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

my dear Lord
retrospect and hindsight
my sins, to the heavens

and my bread is leavened
higher than most,
my Holy Host

doth Thou, agree?
or eve, doth I not Know me?
whence my own opinion,
did fall away-
of a God, who love me this way?

did i, even i
not say-
that a (wo)man would love me,
some day

and did You, say to me
such thing as 'no way'?

no one, will love ye?
Thou did show me this
this Truth, to me-

whilst the world is blind
they say the blind is me
and what i know, they do not
and even still, they are full of each other
and i am not

carrying myself around
lost from Thy Cross
but naught, forgotten-

and Thy Daddy God,
didst Repent, of Thy little lamb
who i did not want to be
but Thou showed me, i am-

what a thing, Papa
what a thing, Father
what a thing, Daddy God

what a thing it all is.
i am in pain all the time
sore neck and back
and writing rhyme

all the time,
Thou Son is mine
Spirit and spirit

He Loveth me, Father
That Is Who, Loveth me Father

and I even I,
Thy little lamb,
weareth a crown-

and I even I,
am a king to the King
who is the King of Kings

what a thing
what a thing

and mine hand
wear His Ring...