God Is Not Up There
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

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God Is Not Up There
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

God can be found in all the world’s people.

Not high up in a copper or stone steeple.

God is not high above.

But is found in actions of kindness and love.

Why do we try to find God in cold structures of stone?

When you stand there in the midst you can be quite alone.

God is found in a warm smile.

In a handshake and those who will walk the extra mile.

God is not found in the teachings of the elite.

Nor can he be found on some distant heavenly seat.

God is found in a friend talking to the lonely and the infirmed.

When we start doing this we are truly baptised and confirmed.

If a stranger starts to talk to you, talk back and do not look away.

Listen to what they need to say.

If a stranger extends his hand, reach out and accept their hand.

This is exactly what God would demand.

God is found in all human interaction and the acceptance of here and now.

Give thanks to God for showing us how.

© Andrew Pell 06/11/08